“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” (Rumi)
The well-known Persian mystic and poet Rumi (often referred to as a bridge builder between cultures and religions) knew that behind the beauty of his poems there is a deeper, wordless truth that cannot be experienced with the mind.

Fish And Scale’s new video for the song „Rumi says“ wants to remind you of that truth; a truth that blossoms in your silence.
Let yourself be touched by „Rumi says”. The mystical sounds and the lyrics inspired by Rumi’s poetry guide you to the place inside where your heart speaks to you without words.

My favorite independent folk artist.“ Journalist and Emmy Award winner Michele Gillen. USA 

I truly believe that music is the voice of nature. Fish & Scale is at the very epicentre of that voice.“ Chas Burns, Actor, Writer. England.

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“Authenticity that opens the heart. Sometimes powerful and passionate, sometimes subtle and soulful. And always a bit different, surprising and extraordinary. Fish and Scale’s artistically arranged songs pay homage to life and reflect its deeper meaning.”


Indie Dock Music Blog – London UK

It’s nice to listen to music if the author is musical and his musicality is felt in the smallest details. Listening to the new single ‚Unmask Myself‘ by German singer-songwriter Roland Walzlein who named his project Fish And Scale, we feel a living stream of wildlife and the energy of human feelings.

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Before We Go Blog – Portland USA

With his outstanding musical potential, his open-hearted, amiable way of inspiring people and a lot of contagious soulfulness Fish And Scale is now well on the way to making it big internationally.

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Sounds & Books – Germany

Das mit Sanftmut und Inbrunst vorgetragene, auf Piano und akustische Gitarre basierende „Unmask Myself“ wird sicherlich weitere und nicht nur namhafte Fans anlocken. Zu überzeugend und nachhallend die Performance von Roland Wälzlein.

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Roland verfügt über eine fantastische, ausdrucksstarke Stimme, die ich sofort ins Herz geschlossen habe. Und er singt eine respektable Mischung aus Country, Folk und vor allem Blues, die sehr amerikanisch klingt. Kein Wunder also, dass er in den USA auf offene Ohren stößt.

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Less Than 1000 Followers – UK

Have you ever noticed that people you talk to act kind of limited or even fake? Or perhaps you’ve noticed yourself acting like that and feeling a bit bad from it, but you fear to let go of this facade?
There’s an exciting new single out, a soaring folk tune that will make that facade start peeling off. It’s a wonderful soul-driven addition to your playlists and a much-needed helping hand for those that seek to revive the connection with they true selves!

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The Other Side Reviews 

German artist Roland Wälzlein takes on existentialist truths in his soul-stirring music.

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INVOLVO – Germany

Die Songs erzählen von der Suche nach Wahrheit, von Sehnsucht, Zerissenheit, falschen Entscheidungen, Umkehr und Ankommen. 

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Izzy Magazine – France


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